Behind the Popshot: Fucking Dani Daniels on a Yacht

The sea seems like such a great place to tame the intriguing swells of Dani Daniels, and I was happy for Ryan Mclane when I received this picture from the NSA. But Mclane suggests that maybe next time he’d prefer Daniels in a nice, warm, land-based bed.

“We were so excited when the day started,” says Mclane of his yacht-fucking shoot with Tyler Nixon and Dani Daniels. “It was the last day of `The Whore of Wall Street’ and we were going out into the Pacific Ocean to fuck on a boat.”

Mclane is the handsome dude you see being gripped by Dani Daniels mouth, and Tyler Nixon who just won the XRCO?s New Stud Award is propping her up from the other end. It was a gray day at the end of March off the coast of Newport Beach, CA.

“I live about two minutes away from where the boat took off, so I thought, This is going to be great.”

But just like that scene in “From Here to Eternity” in which Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr frolic in the surf, fucking on a boat is hard.

“For one thing, it was cold and windy all day,” Mclane says. “And by the time this photo was taken, all three of us were sick. (Tyler and I) didn’t take Dramamine.”

Furthermore, the deck of the 35-foot yacht was wet and it’s not like the threesome has prehensile feet.

“The photographer was saying, `OK, this is the last one because we all had goosebumps and were struggling to stay in place,” Mclane says. “And, you know, you try to stay lubricated, but the salt air just dries everything up.”

Remember that this is a posed still picture, taken when Mclane and Nixon still need to be hard for the eventual filmed popshot. Daniels, meanwhile, has to make sure her various openings do not feel like salt licks.

“Each of us said that it was hands down the most difficult day we’d had on set.”

After the yacht returned to Newport, Mclane was just getting used to walking on land again when a 5.1 earthquake rumbled through nearby Brea.

“We earned our money that day,” Mclane says.

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