Movie Review: Illicit Affairs

This is not Adam and Eve’s usual outing; the title makes it sound like it is going to be maybe a little drama about people sneaking around behind each others backs and engaging in illicit affairs. It’s not that.

It’s atmospheric, stripped down, and a little threatening; it has no plot at all, and its tone is set largely by music and the dark tones of the sets. It’s also a lot more aggressive than the average A&E couples movie although it is still only sidling up to edgy on an absolute scale, it’s probably a step beyond what most of the Adam and Eve clientele are used to. There’s not much to say about the acting, as there really isn’t any, so it’s all down to the sex, which is energetic, driving, almost angry sometimes.  Kiera King and Anthony Rosano Scene, Illicit Affairs Kiera King is up first, and her scene starts out with some really jumpy camera work. She’s got a little BDSM thing going on, with a blindfold over her eyes and clothespins on her nipples. She looks good in fishnets and a t-shirt rucked up over her smallish but firm-looking tits. This is kink lite after a few minutes of her masturbating, Anthony Rosano comes in armed with a knife and a bottle of wine, one of which he uses to make her look bloody and to give her a yeast infection, and the other of which he uses to cut off her wine-soaked shirt (I will leave it to you to guess which is which).

The first three or four minutes of the scene is devoted entirely to atmosphere and to showing off how edgy the film editor is, and to establishing a sensuous mood that is immediately abandoned when the music fades and they just start fucking. The fucking is good and energetic, mind you, but a little schizophrenic they have trouble settling into a position for long enough to make it seem like they’re enjoying it, and while there is some chemistry, it doesn’t feel like there’s much intimacy something Adam and Eve usually does a better job of establishing. Surprisingly, it ends with an internal popshot in intimate thing and not what you might expect to see in a scene that includes a knife, implied blood play, clit slapping and a subtle hand on Kiera’s throat.Jayden Jaymes and Evan Stone Scene , Illicit Affairs Evan Stone is pretending he’s mad (I think), sighing and rolling his eyes and running his hands through his hair, and then Jayden Jaymes appears next to him and starts licking him and breathing in his ear, but maybe she’s a ghost? Because he doesn’t notice her until he feels her tongue, but then she disappears again, and then when he settles down she comes back, and then they’re fucking.

I am not sure exactly what is going on, but after the first few minutes it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Once again, the intro gives way to some pretty aggressive fucking on Evan’s part a lot of it sounds like it is kind of surprising to Jayden, who is an augmented busty brunette with a jayded expression and a demeanor that suggests she has seen a lot of aggressive fucking and doesn’t mind it at all. Even the pussy eating seems kind of angry in this one, and the rest of it is commensurately rough. The money shot here is as close to a creampie as it can be without being internal, meaning he leaves a surprise right on her doorstep.Nikki Sinn Scene, Illicit Affairs Nikki Sinn, a maturish redhead (scarletty dyed red, not an actual ginger) is what we in the business call a cougar, or pretend is a MILF. She has the kind of tattoo you see a lot on girls with tube tops at a state fair depending, of course, on what state you live in and the kind of boobs you don’t see because they’re hidden under a tube top.

Her scene is a solo masturbation in a bathtub (a fairly classy-looking one, it must be said) and she uses a water-spraying applicator that looks like the power cord to an Apple computer to masturbate the way we have come to believe all women do in the bathtub the way that makes us all wish we had clitorises so we could spray them with water and learn, as young girls, the magic of but I digress. She also takes the time to work a couple of fingers into her asshole, which is inclusive and generous of her, since anyone can get in on that action. It’s an intense, personal scene, and aside from a lot of moaning that might not have been strictly necessary, seems pretty authentic.  Veronica Rayne and Jack Vegas Scene, Illicit Affairs Veronica Rayne is another sultry, MILFY, tanned girl with very black hair. Her tease is shortish, mostly just her suggestively caressing herself on a piece of furniture that I am going to say is an ottoman, although it could be a hassock. After a few minutes of mapping her own peaks and valleys, she starts work on a gentleman caller who has suddenly appeared on her hassock. This is pretty sexy but doesn’t last nearly long enough she works him with her mouth over the trousers before taking his cock out to suck on it, which is really hot, but moves right on to sucking on the actual instrument itself. Veronica and Jack Vegas carry on with some more sex this is the most restrained of the scene, I think; although I haven’t gotten to all of them yet, I know the last one has Regan Reese and Nick Manning in it, and neither of them is ever quiet. It’s not as rough or aggressive as the others, and that gives it a little cachet. She takes his load on the tits, and that alone, the fact that there are no facials yet, is making me like this movie.Madison Scott and Tyler Faith Scene, Illicit Affairs There is something about a girl who is willing to lick grout that just makes me want to see her do even dirtier things. That is not the kind of action one comes to an Adam and Eve movie for, though, and the spectacle of Madison Scott applying her tongue to the tilework in what I want to assume is the bathroom she shares with Tyler Faith is enough to perk me up, even though I don’t usually go for lesbian scenes.

There is something a little creepy about the first few minutes of this scene, before and just after Tyler arrives. Tyler shows up armed with a candle, though, bringing us back to the slightly BDSM feel we started off with, and she drips it on and around Madison before they get to the business of servicing each others pussies. They are both blondes Tyler is the one with the bigger, faker boobs, and the darker blonde hair, while Madison’s fake boobs are about perfect examples of the form, and she is a cutie on top of that. I like the shower running in this one it accentuates the moans and groans that both of them are very good at, and who doesn’t love a wet girl? It’s not an explosive scene, and it’s not quite as kinky as some others in the movie, but it does its job nicely. Regan Reese and Nick Manning Scene, Illicit Affairs The prospect of Regan Reese in an Adam and Eve movie is an interesting one (it puts me ion mind of how Vivid got hold of Chloe in the nineties) she’s a little more street than their usual fare, but then this whole DVD has been a step away from the kind of couples offerings I am used to seeing from them. In any case, it’s another bathroom scene, with Regan starting off in a shift or maybe a camisole (I really don’t know all the ins and outs of lingerie), drinking alone in the shower. She’s pretty sloppy with it, too, spilling all over the place before Nick Manning comes in to take over and do the spilling for her. Regan is covered in tattoos and looks like the kind of girl a mainstream movie would cast as a punk’s girlfriend, which makes me think of Fairuza Balk in American History X, and how if a parody of that movie is ever made and seriously, it already has an X right in the name! I hope Regan Reese is in it.

She looks good in a wet shift or maybe a camisole, her unaccountably appealing fake tits and tattoos shining, and this one is just as rough as the first two were. Pay particular attention to how much she enjoys the face-fucking Manning gives her, and enjoy. He finishes up with the movie’s first facial, but has the grace to ameliorate it by growling “Cubs win! CUBS WIN!!” while he’s shooting.

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