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Movie Review: Alexis and Asa

Alexis and Asa

Alexis and Asa

Studio:  Adam and Eve


Getting a movie ahead of its promotional materials can create a situation where I have no idea what kind of movie I’m watching until I’m well into it. Alexis & Asa, while it is pretty informative about the cast, does not give any hint in the name that it is an all-girl movie, so it took me till partway through the third of fourth scenes to twig to what I was seeing, or not seeing.

So I am telling you up front: Alexis (Texas) and Asa (Akira) is about Alexis and Asa and their lesbian adventures with a couple of other girls. If you like Alexis, Asa, Girl/girl sex, Skin Diamond, or Dani Daniels, you’re going to have a fine time here. If you don’t, you might consider watching this anyway, because it is, for the most part, pretty good.

In Girls Girls Girls,  Asa Akira ducks into a  bathroom to freshen up, and while she’s in a stall doing the things you do in stalls, three more girls Alexis Texas, Dani Daniels and Skin Diamond come in and start being catty while they do their makeup. They slag some girl who’s not there (I’m pretty sure it’s not Asa, because they make fun of what the other girl was wearing, but all four are wearing the same thing blue shirts and pink shorts), and then turn to asking why Dani brought a dildo to school. Of course, she brought it because that’s how you get a lesbian threeway started in a bathroom, and it seems like the thing was inevitable, because they have all brought toys; soon, of course, it turns into a four-way, as Asa is immediately discovered and brought in to the mix (for bitchy mean girls, the three are surprisingly inclusive).

Fortunately, the toys are all the kind that come in handy when you have a bunch of horny girls gathered together strapless strapons and so on and the business devolves into a free-for-all. I don’t care much about all-girl action, but this seems like a fairly robust example of the form, with all the girls putting in a lot of effort and doing their best to make sure that everyone is satisfied; by the sound and look of things, they all have a good time. Asa in particular enjoys the finale, in which she is rendered airtight by three girls with Feeldoes (the Tantus Silicone strapless dildo).

The second scene, Mad Tea Party, is dressed up like a weird JacktheZipperish nightmare fantasy, but is really only paying lip service to the strange. A tea party with girls in rabbit masks and girlie dresses gives way pretty quickly to no masks, no dresses and another girl-girl encounter in a pink bedroom. The girls in the masks, it turns out, were Asa and Skin again maybe their bonding moment in the bathroom has made them BFFs, because they seem to have taken their romance home instead of being content with a  school bathroom.

Skin is really hot, although like many alt-porn girls who show up in more mainstream productions, she seems to have tamed her look a little, which is a shame. The all-Asian all-girl pussy party will please a lot of people; there are some good toy moments here as well, and even though the rabbit masks are abandoned early, mercifully, they do both continue to wear rabbit-tail butt plugs (for the delectation of the Leporidae fetishists).

In Putting the Screws to Her, there’s this girl, see, and she’s got some kind of crime thing going on, because some guy in a voiceover says he wants to get her to sing like a canary about some kind of double cross (there is some talk about the joint and the pen and a bunch of cliches flung about to set the gangster stage, but the best of the bunch is when the guys says he oughtta give her a pair of Chris Browns right in the how’s your old man).

The bad girl is Asa, and the girl sent to make her talk, in the movie’s title match up, is Alexis Texas. There is a bit of whispered dialogue about who knows what and getting someone to talk, but the focus is on more girl-girl action (it is just now dawning on me for real what sort of movie this is). Alexis’ giant and very bouncy ass is definitely a focus here, but they don’t ignore the rest of the available real estate.

  Good Ol’ Girls tells us the story of Dani Daniels (in the role of Trailer Trash Girlfriend) and Alexis Texas (playing Other Trailer Trash Girlfriend) and how a hot day and a simple request for lemonade lead to yet more girl sex. If trailer parks were really full of this kind of girl, I would spend a lot more time in them. Both of them are clad in day-glo bikinis and daisy dukes (for a little while, anyway), but as they shed their garments, they get less and less trashy well, depending on your definition of trashy and more and more just plain lesbian. There’s a lot of good dirty talk and heavy breathing here, and if you like girl-girl and I am assuming you do if you have gotten this far you will definitely find a lot to love here.

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