Pornstar Video Interview: Tasha Reign

Porn star, dancer, and director Tasha Reign turned 25 before our eyes at this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo, and it was like we were watching her growing pains; she didn’t stop moving, stretching, arching, and flexing throughout our interview on a well-used little couch in a corner of the Hard Rock Hotel. The collective effect was that we wanted to pin her down, and that, I think, was the whole point. Naked Truth’s was one of about 30 scheduled interviews for Tasha, and I was sensitive to the fact that today was her birthday (to be clear, Reign did not say “It’s my birthday!” as if she were hunting for a tip, the way the guy who shined my shoes at the Venetian the night before had; she just confirmed that it was her birthday). You have to admire someone who’ll work on her birthday.

There is very little mistaking that Reign is an adult industry professional she is on point and every move she makes (on camera, anyway) draws the viewer to one of those five parts of her anatomy that are the biggest moneymakers. She flips her hair, revealing the most most spectacular cleavage. But she’s not a sex robot; she’s a human being who happens to know exactly what the majority of people might find sexy at any given time. It’s like when I delivered pizza. “I bet you want that pizza hot and fresh,” I’d tell the ladies. “Yes,” they would say. Exactly the same. As Reign stretched out before us, we couldn’t help but think that her shoes, though beautiful, seemed cruel. It was here that we realized that Reign’s day was full of sacrifices for her fans. Not only was she spending her quarter-century mark talking to us, but she was also in pain. “Don’t those hurt?” we asked. “Oh yes,” Reign said, “but they’re so hot.”


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