Pornstar Video Interview: Stoya

Somehow I feel that Stoya won’t be one of those sacrificed-on-the-altar-of-porn-type people. Still, when we encountered Her Impishness at the Hard Rock Hotel for the Adult Entertainment Expo a couple of weeks ago, she seemed resigned to the fact that she would become an irradiated husk by the time the event was over. An irradiated husk for you. And the indignities started immediately. We stopped her in the middle of a crowded hallway, under harsh overhead lighting, and only her strong belief in Customer Service and the fact that I once pulled a thorn from her paw stopped this toast of New York society from sending her henchmen to eliminate me.

‘Abandon all hope for privacy,’ she says, referring to the Hard Rock Hotel’s elegant rice paper walls (but also, perhaps, the fact that we stopped her in the middle of the goddamn hallway). No stranger to strangers having a fairly clinical understanding of her, Stoya nevertheless sailed herself through AEE week without a hint of despair. Maybe it was the cosmetics. ‘You’ll see my eye makeup get thicker and thicker as the week goes on,’ she says. Well, she must have some kind of fitness regimen to deal with fan and interviewer onslaught, right? Nope. ‘I give up,’ she says. ‘This is like Hell Week for me. I feel like garbage [afterward] on Sunday and Monday.’ Despite this, Stoya gives, and gives, and gives. She gave me the opportunity to say ‘Stoyaanasqaatsi’ and also to go looking for images from ‘The Exorcist.’ For your information, Stoya did not look like this by the end of the week. Instead, she looked delightful. She always looks delightful. It’s kind of hard to imagine what ‘giving up’ would even look like on Stoya (but I bet that if she were to really let herself go, even Hot Mess Trainwreck Stoya would still be sexy as hell. I wonder if she’d ever come over our place and just drink Bacardi and eat Red Vines and waffles in our bathrobes all weekend!). Must suggest that to her handlers.

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