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Exclusive Review: Keep it in the Family

Back in the olden days, which is to say in the years prior to the Meese Commission report, there was a brief boom in incest porn Taboo was the biggest title to come out of that time, and it spawned a few imitators. But the fad ended, and as the sheriffs started cleaning up the streets and the savages got pacified, incest faded from the scene. It’s coming back now most recently with Digital Sin’s Keep It in the Family, but like Coca Cola with no cocaine, it’s a kinder, gentler, more acceptable thing than its hopped-up ancestors.

Aggressive stepsisters, coy stepdaughters, guilty stepdads and manipulative stepmoms (and you can mix and match the adjectives and the family members however you want) are all the rage these days seeing all the fun these people are having makes me sad that my own family was so boring and unattractive. Directed by Jacky St. James and shot by Eddie Powell, both of whom have shelves creaking with adult industry awards, Keep it in the Family updates those perennial no-nos with these five Tabu Tales, each featuring stars too tempting to let morality get in the way.

Karmen Karma has a perfectly good point to make ? her (step)brother won?t let her see his cock. He keeps the bathroom door locked when he showers and the bedroom door when he sleeps; he guards his dick closely, so she has no choice but to tie him to a chair and bounce up and down on his erection. It makes total sense, and if I were there I would do the same thing Van Wylde does, which is to beg to be let go because he can’t stand the moral turpitude until she lets him go and then make sure she knows he liked it and could they please continue. Come on he had to know this was coming look at her tattoos! The chances are excellent that all that time behind locked doors was spent picturing the way his load would look plopping across her face. Turns out it looks pretty good.

Cherie DeVille is the next of the women to steamroll a family member, as her flirtatious behavior finally boils over and scalds Logan Pierce. He can’t tell whether she’s just being inappropriately friendly or if she really wants more than a (step)mother should, until she clears it up for him by pushing him down on the bed, hauling out his (step)cock and applying her irresistible tongue. The oldest blackmail catch-22 of all if you don’t have sex with me, I will tell everyone you had sex with me lands Logan on his back waving his hands in comical confusion, and they are fucking pretty much right away. He’s not on his back for long, though, taking over and enjoying all the positions before blapping a shot glass worth of spunk across her unfairly flat belly. The bassoon and strings let you know, as Steven St. Croix sneaks up on his (step)daughter while she sleeps, that he is up to no good. He isn’t fooling around, either when Sara Luvv wakes up to find his hand creeping up under her shirt and asks, reasonably, What the hell? he just tells her that he needs to fuck her.

Good news, creepy (step)fathers of the world: that totally works. She balks a little at touching his cock, but once she?s taken that step, a minute later, she’s sucking on it. By the time he’s licking her pussy, she has stopped even pretending to look doubtful about the whole process, and once he’s got her bouncing on his lap well, Am I your good girl, Daddy? isn’t the kind of thing that pops out of a girl who hasn’t been thinking about saying it. She says it a few times, too. Xander Corvus cannot stand his (step)sister, Presley Hart she’s vain, shallow, selfish and has a big stupid jerk face, and she won’t go get him the milk he wants for his cereal, even though it’s her goddamn turn to go to the store. So he takes her phone and threatens to blackmail her by posting all her naked selfies on Facebook, which she is too dumb to know is an empty threat because Facebook won’t let you do that, and she caves in to his demands, which now consist of a blowjob, because why blackmail someone for milk? And then he does what blackmailers do and are pretty much obliged to do and wants more and more from his victim, until she’s pushed to the edge and takes her bloody vengeance. Just kidding she just lets him fuck her for a long time, and then he comes on her big stupid jerk (step)face.


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