Porn Star Interview: Raven Rockette

We visited the set of an all-girl Harmony Films shoot in Las Vegas as part of Porn Film Vacations. Men of comfortable means from around the U.S. and the world attended to hob-nob with porn stars, share food with them from the local pad thai place (though one night it was Johnny Rockets and someone ate Skin Diamond`s cheeseburger) and, best of all, watch them have sex with each other.

We always try to pick girls who aren’t weirded out by civilians, says director Gazzman of Harmony Films. We learned that early. We also make sure when we call the performers agents that they know their star will be in a room full of people who aren’t necessarily used to seeing naked women for a living. Not like us porn professionals. It was an adjustment, says Celeste Star, who walked into the hotel suite on the 57th floor, complete with balcony jacuzzi, only to find some middle-aged gentlemen sitting at a table and talking about rental car contracts. But everyone was respectful. Me, I just love getting naked, says Raven Rockette, the only person who didn’t fly in from Los Angeles (she just headed down the street from her place in Vegas).

If I could be naked everywhere, I would. Rockette would have scenes with Dani Daniels and Alina Li, but spent just as much time with the guests, posing for pictures, going to the refrigerator naked, and well, doing everything naked. Rockette is a petite brunette who was styled like some WWII French Resistance she-spy for the weekend, but when she opened her mouth a whiskey-and-cigarette rasp came out, and she delighted the guests with stories of Doctor Who and a rendition of the Runaways Cherry Bomb (she also plays bass that was even better because she did it topless. I repeat: the elegant French assassin you see posing by the tub is a different kind of smoky badass when you talk with her).

As the sun went down on the Vegas skyline, Rockette and Daniels began their scene, Rockette’s elegant dress and compactness belying the working class hero she is (Rich people in [Las Vegas-adjacent planned community] Anthem don’t care that their grocery store charges twice as much for milk and that their housekeeps has to walk eight miles for the bus, she says, and that’s bullshit) and Daniels breezy juiciness perfectly complementing each other, like a porny Odd Couple. Time to fuck, says Daniels. Bring it, says Rockette.

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