Fathers Forbidden Fantasies Porn Movie

Movie Review: Fathers Forbidden Fantasies

By: P. Weasels

Fathers Forbidden Fantasies Movie Details

Title: Fathers Forbidden Fantasies
Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films
Director: Levi Cash
Stars: Callie Calypso, Carter Cruise, Chole Addison, Zoe Foxx,
Overall Rating:

4 stars

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There was a scene in the first episode of The Wire in which two groups of guys were trying to get a desk through a tight doorway, each group working from opposite sides of the door, and after a long scene in which it was clear that the desk was stuck tight, they discover that each group is pushing the desk they have been working against each other the whole time. That is what it’s like watching the adult industry lever itself back into incest [porn these days, one faction pushing the taboo angle (represented by whoever, in any given scene, says the phrase this just isn’t right) and another faction pushing you should do it anyway (represented in porn by whichever character says but we’re only step relatives!). Like squirting, 100+-man gangbangs and anal creampies, this rough beast’s hour has come round at last, and it is very interesting to watch it slouch toward Chatsworth. What this genre needs is a Paul Thomas to make a movie in which the sinners are ground down and destroyed for their transgressions. ?Father’s Forbidden Fantasies? stars Zoey Foxx, Carter Cruise, Callie Calypso, and Chloe Addison as the stepsluts who either seduce or consent to seduction by their beloved father figures. Those beloved father figures consist of Tony D and Tony De Sergio, each of whom gets two encounters with steps. Tony D starts off the action as the first dad, sniffing some panties as he cleans up Zoey Foxx’s room; when she catches him, she can’t help but give him a freshly worn pair, and once he has them rubbed in his face, the urge to ravish his stepdaughter is overwhelming. Tony is a big guy, and Zoey Foxx looks tiny next to him (and under him, and on top of him, and spread for him). He is of course reluctant at first, as they all are, but the lure of her sexy little body is too much, and they enjoy cowgirl, spoon, doggy, missionary, and interspersed bouts of oral. She’s a nonstop moaner, and it’s hard to see how he held out as long as he did.

Tony De Sergio is next up with Carter Cruise, a delicious little blonde who has skipped out on school to get in some tanning time out by the pool. When Tony catches her sunning herself naked, all his frustrations about not getting laid (the wife travels a lot and he never gets any anymore) rise to the fore, along with his cock, and he gives her a choice ? fuck him, or he tells Mom about her cutting class. Well, they’re going to take away her car, so what choice does she have? She follows him to the bedroom, where she is a little creeped out at first, but warms up right away as he violates her innocence (don’t worry ? just before he caught her and started the blackmail process, she was trying to get a boyfriend to come over, so she’s not that innocent, plus she has pierced nipples, so she clearly likes the kinky stuff), and soon they are romping about like two grown adults.

We’re back to Tony D, who is wearing glasses here in an attempt to look like a dad but he has a face like a potato that has spent a while in a boxing glove; he wanders by Callie Calypso’s bedroom door while she is fucking up a storm with some boy, and he likes what he sees. Accordingly, when he confronts her about it, he doesn’t tell her to knock it off, but just to keep it down so Mom doesn’t hear about it. She thanks him for his permissiveness by asking for advice on what clothes to wear, and then undressing in front of him and mentioning that it’s been a while since he had a date (no, I don’t know what happened to Mom) and that maybe he could use a blowjob, a 69, some missionary, cowgirl, RCG, and some doggie, He agrees.

Chloe Addison is gossiping on the phone about her girlfriend Tiffany, who, it turns out, slept with an older man, when her dad stops in to let her know he’s off to run an errand; he eavesdrops for a moment to find out that Chloe’s boyfriend Josh sucks in bed and maybe she’d like to try it out, because older men might have bigger dicks? In any case, he leaves his phone behind, and as she’s watching some porn, she hears when he gets a text, and HE’S THE GUY TIFFANY IS FUCKING! It all comes out when he comes back home to get his phone, and she reveals that she knows his secrets, and, well, she fucks an older man too, in missionary, cowgirl and spoon, and gets a facial for her troubles.

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