Porn Star Interview: Cindy Starfall

Cindy Starfall, wearing a beautiful kimono, leans back on her big bed for our interview. I’m not the type of guy who gets into outfits, but I really feel taken care of. You know where you see the Asian girl in a schoolgirl uniform? she is saying. Yeah, I say. Does that even exist in reality? In Vietnam I was that girl, she says. Starfall grew up in Saigon and didn’t leave until she was 15 (her Catholic school uniform was a green and white-checkered plaid skirt, high white socks, black shoes just like in porn!), when she moved to Oregon. I didn’t speak a word of English, she says, her Vietnamese accent strong but her English perfect. Now 24, she eventually relocated to Los Angeles but not before several clues tipped her (and her mother) off to her eventual career as a dominatrix, porn star, and all-around unicorn. When I came here, she says, I always seemed to find myself in situations where I was surrounded by boys. All boys. Surrounded. I loved it. My mother noticed this and put me in an all-girls school. Did that help? Oh no. Then one day she found a Hustler magazine, leafed through it, and said, I want to be that girl in there. I’ve never been a Vietnamese Catholic schoolgirl, I say, but I imagine things were very strict. They were very strict, she says. Very controlling. But that came back in my performance later. I was always attracted to taboo things, so when I broke out of that, I had a lot of fun mostly because it was so forbidden. She got into swinging a few years before she got into porn, and she says the reaction was immediate. Most of the swingers I see, they’re older couples, she says. I love older men. But I’m like a unicorn. I walk in and everybody pays attention. You can imagine Starfall walking into a room, dressed like she did for our interview, at 5’1″. But now that you’re in porn, what is the reaction to you at swinger events? It got to be much different, she says. People got aggressive because I was in porn. That’s why I haven’t been an `active swinger in two years. I still get together with small groups of friends, but I don’t go to big events. Attention-seeking is a derisive term, but we all crave attention. Look at our facebook and twitter feeds, our selfies, and our oversharing. To know people pay attention to you is different from seeking attention, and Starfall is one of those porn performers who keeps her head even when people are staring at her. I ask if, despite all her natural tendencies pointing to porn, what sorts of things she learned on the job. Well, I was always the nerdy one in school, she says, so people were still surprised I got into porn. Even I was surprised. But even more than that, when I started doing femdom stuff, I was amazed at what came out of me. How did that happen? You see a lot of little girls [by this Starfall means shorter women, of course] doing femdom, she says, but when I was asked I said, `I’m just a little Asian girl! But when I walked on the set in my outfit, Jake Malone`s I Wanna Be A Porn Star 4, her first movie. Jake was such a nice man and a great director, she says [the veteran pornographer jumped from a Long Beach bridge earlier this year, with friends coming forward to reveal a history of depression]. He was so creative and he made me feel comfortable that day. Since her 2012 debut, Starfall has appeared in more than 200 movies, most of which are available on Gamelink. I ask for another movie where people can get the full Cindy Starfall experience, in her opinion. Oh, something like `Big Dick in An Asian Chick, she says. Movies like that are very wrong and twisted and that’s the way I like it.

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