Porn Star Interview: Cherry Ferretti

Do you always get girls naked in your living room? Cherry Ferretti, 27 and getting naked in my living room, asks while I make tea in the kitchen. Yes, I say, trying not to sound like Ted Bundy. I’m charming. But it’s really Ferretti who’s the charming one. The bespectacled gamer girl who fucks in Chucks is unabashedly positive and forthcoming. She is also falling out of her shirt. 32 Double Ds, she says. I’ve got two kids and great boobs. It’s odd to hear porn stars be so up front about real life, but Cherry Ferretti tells me she loves her husband the former and perhaps future performer Johnny Rock and that he supports her career.

Fans want to know about my life, she says. And for that reason I’m sorry he’s not working with me. I know [fans] would love to see me fucking someone I love. She smokes an e-cigarette by the window. Ferretti had her own porn website when she was a teenager in Texas (I managed it myself, and I paid for my car in cash, she says proudly). She did not look particularly porny a glammed-up bleach blonde with fake tits just game, which was her appeal. She didn’t think of performing in larger-budget porn films until 2007, when she landed a camera assistant position on Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge. That wasn’t just a real porn movie, she says, that was the hugest one in years. I was blown away with that production. Knowing that she did not fit into the Jesse Jane category, Ferretti still saw a place for her in porn, and stayed in Los Angeles, where she turned in several eager performances. But in 2010, a whole lot of life started happening, she says.

I got sick, I got pregnant, I returned home. And [Johnny] followed me. The couple raised two daughters in Texas until the family decided to move back to L.A. this year. I missed it so much, Ferretti says, and we keep a very good balance. Cherry Ferretti on her return looks different than her ingenue self. The glasses are still there, but there’s also a new confidence and a sense that she is where she really wants to be. Also: the boobs, she says. The buzz around Ferretti is proof that porn isn’t the way it was. Fans can handle the fact that their crush objects go home to a family, to Montessori school, to Costco. People who don’t know me might be surprised or interested that I’ve got a life outside of porn, she says, but I don’t think for a second that takes away from wanting to see a person naked. I mean, haven’t you ever wanted to fuck someone else’s wife?

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