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Movie Review: Prom Night Virgins

By: P. Weasels

Prom Night Virgins

Jim Powers is not the guy I would have chosen to make a sensitive movie about four normal young girls coming of age, but considering his track record, which often involves gently and carefully prodding latently crazy girls into nervous breakdowns on his sets, he’s done a nice job of making a movie that seems…

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Prom Night Virgins Movie Details

Title: Prom Night Virgins
Studio: Smash Pictures
Director: Jim Powers
Stars: Belle Noir, Cali Carter, Kennedy Leigh    
Overall Rating:

3 stars

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Jim Powers is not the guy I would have chosen to make a sensitive movie about four normal young girls coming of age, but considering his track record, which often involves gently and carefully prodding latently crazy girls into nervous breakdowns on his sets, he?s done a nice job of making a movie that seems sweet and occasionally thoughtful. Prom Night Virgins is a semi-documentary-style movie about four girls who made a pact, way back in freshman year, that they would all wait until senior prom to lose their collective virginity (it’s also nice to think that teens could think that far ahead or stick to a resolution for that long).

The big night comes, and they are all ready to end the long diet of handjobs, blowjobs and promises, as are their boyfriends, who have (with one exception) no doubt been waiting for them to give it up, with varying degrees of patience. The sex, when it arrives, is porn-standard as soon as the clothes come off, Powers goes right to some pretty sophisticated things that you might not expect a bunch of eighteen-year-old virgins to stumble onto in their first times, although no-one ever said the guys were waiting to give it up. So maybe they have been practicing for just this moment.

Belle Noire is proud of her twerking skills, and I can see how they would be irresistible to a young, innocent fellow like Tyler Nixon. Alone at last with her in the hotel room he has rented with his dad?s credit card, he gets to enjoy not only those skills, not only the blowjobs he has been getting by on for the last few years, but the flower itself she is finally ready, after a heartfelt thank you for his forbearance and an admission that she too has really enjoyed the blowjobs, to give it all up. Belle is a perky, soft little brunette with a joyous smile and a hungry mouth. She lets Tyler take her cherry doggy-style I guess they’ve looked each other in the face enough over the last few years that they don’t really feel the magic moment needs to be an eye-to-eye one. From there on, they work through a few positions and end up with a facial hat they have probably done before.


Elaina Raye is a sleek little blonde with a sort-of punky haircut and a slender, sexy body. She too lets her boy know how important it is that he has been so patient, and Brad returns the sentiment, to some tinkly piano music that emphasizes how special the moment really is (it’s hard not to hear Jim Powers smirking as he adds in the piano music). Elaina (whose haircut I cannot resist) and Brad know their way around a camera angle, and they put a little time into foreplay before they get down to business. Brad has at least read that it is nice to go down on your date before you take her virginity, and he slides right in after a gentlemanly amount of time spent licking. Elaina makes some noises like she is new to cock, and that?s good enough for me. They too finish with a facial, and we leave them in postcoital bliss.

It is a surprise to Xander Corvus that blonde, sexy Kennedy Leigh is a virgin, and he almost panics, letting her know that he is not the right man to initiate her into the mysteries of womanhood, being a dirty dirty fellow who has banged dozens of girls and doesn’t think she’s that special and would rather not have the responsibility for such a romantic moment, until she tells him that she really just wants a stud who knows his way around a pussy to fuck her and make it good so she can have a good memory from prom night. After hearing that he doesn’t have to call her afterward, he decides maybe he is the man and, after doing what a considerate man does for a while, takes her advice re: just sticking it on in there. Most of the railing is done in missionary, with a few positions thrown in for effect, and they facial it up like the others it is beginning to seem like the girls have made a pact about that, too.

We are left with Cali Carter and James Deen, and I have to say that while this is a reasonably hot scene and James Deen is a stalwart performer, it is the least convincing of the five as regards what a post-prom fuck between virgins might be like. Cali does not attempt to snow us with any talk about how they are both virgins or how they have held off for so long, possibly because she knew neither would be able to keep a straight face. Deen is a decent actor, but not capable or pretending he is a virgin the cockslapping alone would betray him, and a senior in high school would certainly react to what looks like an attempt at rimming with a little less aplomb. Still, there is enough ass-slapping and dirty talk in the scene that whether it is convincing does eventually take a backseat to how hot it is. Ultimately he finishes up with a creampie, which is a thing a high school boy would probably do, although it takes a while longer than an inexperienced senior would.

Jasmine Gomez comes back from her prom distraught because her boyfriend has managed to drink himself so drunk that he cannot perform, confessing to his mother (played fully clothed by Angela d’Angelo) in the bathroom after they put him to bed that she will be the laughingstock of the four year promise club. Appalled at her son’s bad behavior, Angela commands her surprised and reluctant husband to take care of the matter, and she retires to let them arrange the details together. I once had an argument with my girlfriend about whether this would work out (not with my own personal dad, thankfully), and it seems like my position was the correct one, because young Jasmine brightens right up and agrees that the father will probably be a better fuck than the son, and they should get right to it. He shows her what a grownup knows, and they proceed, in several positions and concluding with a facial, to make sure that the other girls will not make fun of her in the morning.

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