Pornstar Interview: Allie Haze

Porn star interview with Allie Haze

By: Gram Ponante |

When I asked Allie Haze how old she was going to be on her birthday this weekend, her answer made me think of this article from an Esquire (I don’t think they even print that magazine anymore) from 15 years ago, that I saw by chance at my endodontist’s office (it was a trying-too-hard-to-be-groovy ‘dontist whose cologne I could smell while he filled my gums with gutta percha). I remember thinking, “Yeah, I bet by 27 women have it all figured out, and men will probably catch up about five years later.” Of course this is not true. Everyone is crazy most of the time and our alighting here, together, on this website right now is just a fleeting moment of clarity. Regardless, Allie Haze is 27 and she seems to have it all figured out. All anal figured out. “People talk about the anal scene,” she is saying from Brooklyn, where she is in town for a weekend gig at Sapphire’s in New York City, “but this movie I’m doing for Hard X is all anal.” Haze will celebrate her fifth porniversary in June. The former preacher’s wife (can you imagine Haze as an 18-year-old preacher’s wife? It’s so good she’s no longer that, because you can bet that whole congregation is going to Hell for their wicked thoughts) also started dancing last year, shortly after being named Penthouse’s Pet of the Month for January, 2013. Here’s how Haze’s late May, 2014 works: She flew into NYC last week so she could have some time on the ground before her Sapphire show. She stayed with friends in Brooklyn, saw a Nets game, (did not assault Jay Z), went into Sapphire’s early to get to know the dancers, celebrated her 27th birthday while naked on a pole at the club, is flying back to L.A. today to shoot the final scene for director Mason‘s movie, and then flying right back out to Melbourne for Australia’s Sexpo, where she’ll be appearing with Alexis Texas. “I’m hoping to get some rest on the flight to Australia?” she says, sounding dubious. Haze is a pleasure to talk with, and I want to know about the relationship she has with the “house girls” of the clubs at which she feature dances. “If I’m there for the weekend I usuually get in on Wednesday or Thursday,” she says. “They’re going to be my family for the weekend so I really want to get to know them. The driver, the manager, the girls, everyone. It’s like being on a porn set; you want to have a good relationship with everyone.” Is there ever a jealousy issue? “I try to kill everyone with kindness,” she says. “But I’ve never had a problem on the road. But [feature dancers] control the outcome, I think. If you go in with a bad attitude you might find the house girls are more hostile. That’s why I watch them dance and I tip.” Have there been other rough patches? “Oh, my bag full of dildos broke open on the plane,” she says. “I can imagine what the effect was rolling down the runway to baggage claim. And there’s this part in my show where I toss a dildo behind me but I forgot that they bounce. It literally missed a patron by inches.” But what a way to go! “I suppose…” I’m intrigued by the anal. People seem to get really excited about it and I want to understand why. “I know that I’m feeling kind of pumped, excited, and scared about it,” she says of her all-anal movie. “I think fans get excited about something new, too. It’s like you’re giving them some chocolate and a bunch of porno circus tricks.” Despite all that she has gotten herself up to in the seven years since she was a preacher’s wife, I am certain that by “chocolate,” Haze was talking about a special gift to her fans, and not anal. But even if she did, 27-year-old women are magic.

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